Masters, Elders and Teachers

In the presence of God and Humanity, I acknowledge and dedicate this page to the Great Ones, Masters, Elders, and Teachers, who have generously bestowed their blessings and guidance on me. May they be eternally blessed.

The man, who honors his teacher, honors himself.

My life is sweet because I stand on the shoulders of my elders, teachers and masters.

My father and mother were my first teachers and elders.

It is from the foundation they gave me that opened the door that attracted other teachers and elders and the blessings of the masters. I joyously celebrate their gift.

As a child, I remember every year we would go on an annual three-day ceremony of fasting, drumming, chanting and singing on the Abanla mountain. I went with my father, his disciples (devotees), and his congregation. It was a time for opening and offering one's heart in prayers and meditation. This aspect of devotional practice was very exciting for me as a child. At the same time, it was beyond my comprehension. I witnessed the display of the gift of prophecy and miraculous healing, but the depth and understanding of this practice and phenomena did not come to me until I accepted my own spiritual calling and sought guidance from my elders.

Part of my initial training, even though I didn't realize it at that time, was visiting the ocean for an all-night vigil. When I mean all-night vigil, I mean non-stop praying, singing and dancing in total devotion to Infinite Spirit. One of my elders that showed me the way to carry out an all-night vigil was Atunbi Jesu, a spiritually gifted Apostle. I am grateful for all the insights he gave me about the spiritual world and the performance of rituals and ceremonies.

Another of my father's disciples, whom I learned a great deal from, was Baba Salaudeen. Being my father's personal assistant, he learned a lot from my father about all the Christian mystical practices and rituals that are very beneficial in attaining one's goals, aspirations and dreams. I experienced miraculous manifestations that defied logic when any of these rituals were performed. I have since become adept at these practices or rituals. Though Baba Salaudeen is no longer with us, I send him my eternal gratitude.

Baba David Akinsola was one of the closest to my father from among his peers. Like my father, he showed me and gave me the confidence of having absolute trust in the power of Igzee'abihier (God). This trust can make the impossible possible. I have known him to say, "If this prayer, offered on your behalf, is not answered then the God that called me to do His work does not exist." Hearing expressions like this tended to light a fire of superb confidence in believing that the absolute power of Igzee'abihier (Infinite God Almighty) can bless all his children and creation. Though he left his body at the age of 96 in 2010, I love him like I love my father. I am eternally grateful for all he shared with me.

Though I never met Peace Pilgrim, I was spiritually led to her through one of her books that I found by a dumpster, ready to be thrown out. I reluctantly picked up this book and was surprised at the gem that it contained. Some of what she spoke about were things I was experiencing in my mystical practices at that particular time. There is a lot of wisdom from that American Saint, Peace Pilgrim. I am grateful that she walked this Earth.

When I met John Turpin Fagbemi, a well-groomed, spiritually gifted and truly grounded teacher, I instantly felt a spiritual connection. He was like an elder brother to me. I still consider him a member of my spiritual family. The gift I got from him was his quiet demeanor and passion for the activities of the spiritual realm. His great capacity to be of service to others through the gift of his spiritual wisdom and knowledge, was something to be commended and I am grateful that our paths crossed.

I met Lama Tsering Wangdu Rinpoche, a Tibetan Master, due to the instruction I received from my father in a vision. One of the surprising aspects of meeting him and seeing his work is that he reminded me of how similar things are even though they might look different. Some aspects of his practice are identical to some of the practices of my father's Christian mystical rituals. I am very fond of this spiritual teacher. His bigger-than-life welcoming smile and expression is something to behold. I am grateful for many of the things he has shared with me. I send him my love.

Paramahansa Yogananda came to me in a vision wearing a turban on his head. Before this vision, I had neither heard of him nor knew anything about his work. Outside of my father, he has had the greatest spiritual influence on me. This teacher of mine is a true master, that is fully anchored in God. Master Yogananda, through his teachings, made me a better Christian, minister, teacher and metaphysical practitioner. His presence in my life has given me answers to deep questions that have haunted me for years. I cherish his call to follow the path he has blazed and his continuous guidance and words of wisdom. I am eternally grateful to this spiritual giant and the great masters of his lineage.

My father, Senior Apostle Timothy Obadan, had - and still has - the greatest influence in my life. I am grateful for all his teachings, which have become the cornerstone of my work. He led me to Jesus Christ and to God. Without his continuous blessings and guidance, I am very sure the work I am doing now would not have existed. He showed me how to be humble and to keep my mouth shut even when I knew more than the person before me. He taught me how to be generous and compassionate even when it was not fully appreciated.

He taught me to always be prepared to help others, not only in their hour of need, but when things are going well. He gave me the sense that our God-given gifts are not only for our own use, but are for the benefit of others and all creation. He showed me that the greatest handicap and danger to a spiritual person and metaphysical practitioner is the act of indifference. He strongly believed that we must face our goal with total concentration and surrender without thoughts of other people's approval. He was fond of saying, "They say, they say. Who say, what they say, let them say." Worrying about what others think of you is a total distraction for any spiritually aware person. The only thing that matters is what God thinks of us.

I learned from him that no one, Saint or sinner, is free from life challenges. We must, in the midst of our own challenges, still acknowledge God and be grateful for both small and big blessings. He taught me about courage and grace. From him, I learned about commitment, acceptance and tolerance. He strongly believed all paths lead to God and each person must be allowed to find the most beneficial way for them to find God. He inspired patience, action, and absolute faith in the power of God to overcome all difficulties and evil. He always said, "Use your gift to fight for the truth and what you want and you will conquer evil and put the devil to shame." He joyfully accepted all people from all traditions even though he was a Christian mystic. I am very, very grateful to this spiritual giant. May I continuously be blessed to carry on his good work.

My mother is an embodiment of generosity, kindness, and unconditional love. She showed me how to love and give without ceasing, even when the environment and circumstances make it most difficult to practice. It is a lesson worth living for. Mami, I am eternally grateful. I send you my love and gratitude.

Baba Agbojesu Akintobi Ajayi - a spiritual powerhouse. This simple, easy-going great one was my father's teacher. An illuminated Master who is a total embodiment of unconditional love, spiritual joy, bliss and humility. I was privileged to have been blessed by him when I was a boy. He left his physical body in 1964 at the age of 120 years old. The work of God, through him, continues to grow. The city he was spiritually guided to establish continues to thrive today as a place of annual pilgrimage for all members of our spiritual lineage. I am very thankful for his spiritual presence in my life after all these years. May he always be blessed.