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Treatments, Rituals and Prayers

Treatments, Rituals and Prayers

No treatments, rituals or prayers will be offered to anyone unless a consultation has been done with me first. There are good reasons for this policy.

There are those who feel things are being done against them spiritually or physically, only to find out it's not so after we have had a consultation and reading. In this instance, without consultation, it would be a waste of my time and effort and definitely an unnecessary waste of spiritual blessings and energy to complete a treatment or ritual.

There are others who will ask for treatments or prayers based on the prognosis or reading from another practitioner. Please be advised I will not and do not base my spiritual prescriptions for treatments on someone else's diagnosis. For one, I do not know what their spiritual relationship and contact with God is and how they arrived at their final prognosis.

All treatments and prayers are offered based on the spiritual instructions and guidance I receive from Spirit and are based on my own experiences doing this work.

Please do not ask me to give you the same ritual or prayer that has been offered to someone else that you know. Prayers and treatments do not work the same way for everyone. Though your situation or case may look similar to that of your friend or family member on the surface, my experience has shown that there may be an underlining factor affecting your case that may not be obvious to you. Doing a consultation first will resolve that.

What prayers, treatments or rituals do you offer or perform?

Prayers, treatments and rituals are offered for the following situations:

Relationships: To have or improve the kind of relationship you deserve.

Finances: To improve the abundance of money available to you to meet your needs and enjoy life.

Professional environment: To gain a promotion; To create harmonious and positive relationships with your boss and/or co-workers.

Business: To bring success to your business and enjoy the peace of mind a successful business brings.

Protection: To continuously enjoy and feel Divine Protection over you, your loved ones and family.

To stop a stalker from invading your privacy or threatening your life (please first contact the police or law enforcement and then contact me).

To stop bullying at home, work or school. Protection for your children whether they are little or grown up.

Victory: Over physical and non-physical beings, situations and cases.

Healing: To bring healing through God's grace to your physical, emotional, astral, mental and spiritual soul bodies and situations. Nothing is impossible for God

Spiritual awakening, empowerment, realization, enlightenment and liberation.

Heart Desires: Ability to attain your objectives, goals and heart desires.

Academic/School: to be successful at school and academics. Whether you are a student or a professional, there are various prayers and treatments that will help you to study, retain, remember and pass your school or professional exams in a way that feels effortless.

Do prayers, treatments or rituals work?

The answer is yes. Please let me remind you that the Prayers, Rituals and Treatments that I offer or prescribe to you are those that have been put to use and tested by myself, my teachers, my lineage and those who have gone before me. They have been proven to work, therefore, I am confident in their efficacy.

Why has my treatment not worked?

There are several good reasons why your treatment may not have given you the result you desired:

1. God

Do not ask God for something outside your area of influence. Some desire something that is not meant for them. These are based on their own assumptions that they deserve a better life than what they are experiencing. They wish to be a rock star, the wealthiest person on Earth, Buddha, Jesus and so on. Remember: "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride." It is a known spiritual fact that obsessing over something that is not part of your spiritual contract and therefore natural flow will not only not manifest, but will cause you a "spiritual leak" and emotional pain.

There is a saying, "if you dive for a pearl and come up with a reed, don't blame the Ocean, blame your diving."

It is very important to always ask for what you really need that is within your influence. God will always give you what you need and deserve.

2. Timing

Do not allow your timing to be after the fact. If your timing is off, then it is more difficult for your treatment or prayer to work effectively. My advise is do not wait until everything begins to crumble before you take action.

There are certain rituals that need to be completed within a period of time. Do not delay the completion within the period given. The spiritual realm will not wait on you, your reason or excuse. They will move on. Remember these spirits, angels, guardians and masters are quite busy.

Please remember actions and reactions are equal and opposite to your situation. If you want God to perform a miracle in your life then help God by creating a conducive environment for God's miracle to occur.

3. Mood

The mood you are in when you do or apply your prayer or treatments will affect the outcome. If your mood is low or poor, so will be the results you get.

4. Focus

If you cannot deeply focus or concentrate on your goal or desire during your prayers or treatment, you will definitely betray your result.

Focusing on your predicament while you are praying for an opposite result will lead to a failure or poor result. My experience has shown that to get an excellent result when you pray or perform a ritual, you must deeply concentrate on the goal that you most desire and completely forget the difficulty, challenge or problem that you are currently facing or experiencing. Most people focus intently on their problem, bemoan themselves and berate God for experiencing the situation they are in, incessantly talking about the problem thereby giving the situation enough energy to outlast them, all while expecting an opposite result.

Focusing on your problem instead of the result you want causes "Spiritual Leaks." As a result, you no longer have adequate energy and vibration to sustain and bring to manifestation your desire, goal or objective. My advise is to stop focusing on your problem and focus on the outcome and result you desire.

5. Feel

You must feel your prayers, treatments and rituals as you carry them out. If you are not feeling them, the energy you have invested in your prayer, treatment, and rituals is not dynamic enough to bring to you your stated results, objective or goal. The simple answer is change your awareness and tune in.

6. Visualization

If you cannot visualize or imagine the result that you want, it is very likely you will not get what you want.

7. Cynicism/Skepticism

If you are a cynic or do not believe in a prayer or treatment, you have already obstructed the result you so desire. God and these prayers are not a supermarket, that offers you a freebie to taste before buying the product. Either you believe, trust and have faith that they will work for you, that God will come through for you or not. You get what you put in.

8. Instructions

Your ability to follow prescribed instructions to the "T" will determine the outcome and result of your prayer, treatment or ritual. If you have already made up your mind not to follow the instructions because they are beneath you or inconvenient to perform or "difficult" to do, then you deserve what results you get.

The ability to follow the instructions as they are laid out without your commentary and attitude on them will bring you the positive results that I know can be obtained from these prescribed rituals, treatments and prayers based on years of experience doing this work.


If you enjoy being compensated for your time and efforts by your employer, organization and/or business, so do I. Please extend the same courtesy to me. I like being compensated for my time and effort. Please do not ask me for a "freebie" (ie. "I have a quick question.")

Please remember I am not a supermarket or grocery store, where you get free samples.

Legal Disclaimer: All services and products offered by The Braided Way are "faith based" and success depends on the integrity of your workings, the initial conditions of your life, and your natural abilities, so results will vary. Therefore, we make no guarantees as to their level of efficacy or effectiveness. No refunds are offered.