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Healing - Each person has been given special abilities. These special abilities allow healing to take place both from the practitioner and with the client. A strong healing intention does not know the differences between distance, space and time.

Healing is a process in which we can change or raise our energy to rid ourselves of wounds, experiences, or perceptions. Sometimes the perception of ourselves creates illness or diseases even though we might not know this is the cause of our suffering. By changing our perceptions, through the power of contemplation, concentration, deep meditation and prayer, we can successfully heal ourselves and be healed by a metaphysical or spiritual practitioner whether we are near or long-distance.

A strong healing intention does not know the differences between distance, space and time. As long as we can communicate mentally and spiritually, the healing that has been ordained by God will take place. The person that is seeking to be healed must have the unshakable faith and the belief in the process of healing. This faith and belief help to open and allow the spiritual force to heal. Spirit pushes itself out into visible materialization as soon as a channel is opened through which it can flow. This channel is faith and gratitude.

Hence, St. Thomas says, "Within a man of light, there is light. And if it is not illuminated, he is in darkness." Every person has this light within themselves and it is the presence of this light combined with faith and gratitude that allows full healing to take place.

To set up an appointment for your healing session, please choose the Healing Sessions and Ceremony option in the contact page of this website. You must include your name, phone number and email address. I will respond to your request within three (3) business days. If I am guided to work with you, I will suggest possible dates for our consultation. If I believe I am not the right person to assist you at this time, I will let you know that as well.

Once I have confirmed a day and time for our consultation, you may pay me through paypal. If you wish to pay me by a separate method, please discuss this with me before we have confirmed the appointment.

The fee for these sessions varies depending on the length of the ceremonies and the ritual(s) to be performed.

workshops - Where there is truth, there is victory. All traditions, inspite of their different histories or philosophies, advocate the same message of love, compassion, forgiveness, self-discipline, tolerance, and contentment. These are the same messages that you will learn in our mystery school, which the modern world calls a "workshop." These workshops are part of our spiritual university and they teach us specific things that are both practical and life-changing. Our workshops are very intense, not only in the teaching and sharing of the spiritual wisdom, but also in the interactive rituals and ceremonies, that give direct experience of the supernatural, spiritual and elemental worlds.

I offer intensive workshops for those wishing to delve deeply into their spiritual path and/or work through a particular life challenge. These workshops will help you reconnect with the joy and unconditional love that should be in your life.

Read about one participant's experience in an intensive workshop.

The fee for these workshops varies depending on the length of the workshop, the ritual(s) to be performed and the needs of the group members.

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