My name is Preston Maxwell and I am an ordained minister and spiritual counselor.

I specialize in counseling adults, who wish to approach and resolve their life challenges within a spiritual framework.

It doesn’t matter what religion you grew up in or what your spiritual practice is today.

Together, we can find answers and actions you can take to create a life of greater harmony, peace, abundance and happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions


Sometimes we reach a stage in life when all of our day-to-day activities seem very boring. It becomes monotonous to wake up in the morning and do the same routine – get up, shower, coffee, go to work, come home, dinner, chores, relax, go to bed and repeat day after day.

We start to think there must be more to life than this. We go on vacation, perhaps to a beautiful locale. We come home refreshed, only to climb listlessly back onto the same treadmill again. We may start asking ourselves difficult questions, like, “does it really matter if I go all the way to a tropical island or can I get the same level of contentment sitting in a lawn chair in my backyard?

We continue doing our hobbies – some of them we may have done all of our lives. We decide to up them a bit for more excitement, so we buy a Tesla. The Tesla is fun for a few months, but then that becomes ordinary, too and we lose the excitement. Or maybe we start riding motorcycles or get a pilot’s license. And still, when we come home from these adventures, the dull, bored feeling starts to come back.

What is the solution to this? This may be a sign that you are ready to see life from a new perspective and to begin to develop the spiritual side of yourself.

Your spirit is something you can nurture and it can grow infinitely. Unlike the finite number of activities there are to do on the earth, your spirit is open to an unlimited amount of expansion. Spiritual development is a journey that brings limitless joy into a person’s life. The concerns of your everyday life take on a new, healthy perspective. You realize there is so much more to life than what meets the eye.

This realization can come as a great relief, because it makes it easier to accept and live through what might seem to you as the day to day monotony of life. In fact, the opposite becomes true, the daily grind becomes one big joyous occasion, and at some point you can barely remember the boringness at all.

If you want to learn more about leaving your boring life behind, please call or text me for a consultation. A whole new life awaits you, and it is much more enriching and fabulous than you can imagine.


Great question! No matter where you are in your life, and no matter what your situation is, yes, you can become happy. You may have heard it said that happiness is a choice. This is true. The road to happiness is a bit more than that, but let’s start there.

Happiness is indeed a choice.

When anything comes up in life, it is not inherently good or bad, it is how we perceive it that makes a difference. We can choose to let life come as it comes, and to accept it as it comes. We can choose to be happy. This is easier said than done, and requires some practice. And this is where the rest of the happiness solution comes.

We need to realize there is more going on than meets the eye. We need to become wiser, and know that there is something behind all the seemingly unrelated events happening in our daily lives and in the world as a whole. There are processes at work that we may have not been aware of.

As we tune into what is happening behind the scenes, we can make more sense of our lives, and we can begin to manifest our desires. We learn that we are not simply victims on a boat in a restless ocean, but rather we are active, powerful manifestors of our own lives.

We learn that something much bigger than ourselves is in charge. And much to our relief, we learn that we can have a direct connection with all that is, so that we can go beyond happiness and experience joy and even bliss.

In the spiritual world there is an infinite amount of help available to us that we can learn how to tap into. If you would like to learn more about creating happiness in your life, please make an appointment for a private consultation.


When you can’t attribute your sadness to something obvious, it could be that something is happening at a deeper level. Especially if this is a recurring theme in your life, it is likely that something inside of you is speaking up and complaining. In most cases this is your soul.

Your soul has a natural yearning for something greater than itself. The soul is very wise, and it knows it could be happier and more fulfilled. If this is happening to you, your soul wants you to provide it with “soul food”.

The source of this food is not at the grocery store. The soul food is in the spiritual world. You may already be accessing this when you are alone, when you are in place of worship, and during times of prayer.

The very best source of soul food is meditation.

In meditation we commune directly with the source of all that is, and this is the home of our soul. Some people call this God or Spirit. You can also think of this as your higher self.

In meditation we can experience love, peace, calmness, power, wisdom and joy among other things. All of these directly feed the soul, and satisfy the deep yearning inherent in every soul. When we begin to satisfy the soul on a regular basis, we find that sadness and other downward pulling emotions subside.

And as a bonus, we find that joy and uplifting emotions have taken their place. If you would like to overcome sadness, please make a consultation appointment.


It is very common to wonder what life is all about and why we are here. Since the beginning of human kind, people have been asking these questions, and there are many philosophies out there. The religions of the world offer answers to these questions.

Perhaps you have explored various ideas from philosophers, theologians, and more. And if you are still asking these questions, perhaps you have not found an answer that satisfies you.

The answer to this question is surprising. It does not have to do with anything our rational mind can intellectualize or understand. The answer to this question is based on personal experience.

This doesn’t mean personal experience in the sense of things we do in life like going to work or our relationship with others, although that can help our understanding. We have the most valuable experiences in understanding the purpose of life when we are alone and doing things in a spiritual mindset.

When we are alone long enough we begin to experience and get to know our true self. In those moments we can think of ourselves as communing with nature, or with God or Spirit, or with our higher selves.

Perhaps we are walking outside and we feel a sudden oneness with the trees, sky, birds, and everything in creation. Perhaps we are praying, and we pause to be silent and in that silence we have an inner knowing or answer.

In the silence of meditation, when we are still and fully present, we are at our peak listening capacity. And in those moments, we are changed. Actually, our entire being is changed. We can be filled with wisdom, and suddenly we know and understand something to be a fundamental Truth. These truths cannot be taken away from us by anyone or anything. This kind of knowing is very different from the kind of understanding we gain from books and rational thought.

This kind of knowing is joyful and peaceful and unshakable. As we experience these moments of personal experience, we begin to build a foundation of knowingness of how things work, who we are, and what life is all about. If you would like to learn more about the purpose of life, please contact me for an appointment.

I can discuss with you where you are on your life journey, where you would like to go, and suggest ways to help you find answers to these types of questions, including not just the purpose of life in general but the purpose of why you are here and what you have the joy of doing.


Everyone has experienced the feeling of loneliness. We can feel completely alone, even when we are at a crowded event. And yet, some people do not seem to have a profound sense of separateness. Even when they are alone, they do not feel lonely.

What can we do about this?  This feeling of loneliness is because we perceive that we are disconnected. Some of this may be because we were trained to think this way. We all start as children, loving everyone that comes our way and feeling loved and secure. And then in school, perhaps a teacher began to differentiate us by praising the work of some students and not that of others. Our peers may have begun to separate into exclusive groups and our feelings of being excluded increased.

One way to recover from a sense of loneliness is to become comfortable with our own company. In other words, we can learn to like being alone.

Most Western cultures don’t encourage aloneness, and certainly not silence when we are alone. We have been conditioned to have the TV on and to reach for our cell phones when we feel isolated.

The paradox is that if we purposely create an unplugged environment of silence, the alone time is something we will come to embrace. It might be a little hard to imagine, given how much we are programmed to think otherwise. However if we give it a try, we might be surprised at the results.

The language of Spirit or the Divine or our wise inner self is one of silence.

With some dedicated time set aside each day, even a small amount of time, this is a language we can learn to be comfortable with. Then it may become a routine that we look forward to. Immersing ourselves in the silence becomes as essential as eating. The great news is that this is exactly the antidote to the feeling of aloneness.

When we sit in silence and listen, our loneliness is absent during that time.  We feel peaceful and loved by a greater power, often a feeling as if we are in the presence of the Source from whence we came.

And if we can increase our time of silence, there are lasting effects that carry over long after we are finished being silent.

We discover that the presence we come to know in the silence is in fact the Divine Herself/Himself. Then we begin to notice that the experience of the Divine is with us all the time, wherever we go and whatever we do.

At that point, the loneliness disappears completely. This takes time to develop, of course, and we need help along the way to begin to know ourselves more deeply, and to get to know the essence of Divinity that we begin to experience.

Building this fundamental connectedness with our own inner self, with the Divine, and with All That Is, creates a much more grounded and profound feeling of connectedness than we could ever hope to find in social media or even in our personal relationships with others.

If you would like to learn more about how to feel less lonely and separate in a lasting way, please contact me for a private consultation.


My Background

My father was a Christian minister. We attended church six days a week and my father was in constant demand. People from all walks of life would come to him for spiritual guidance and he worked long hours. When I was younger, I resented the time we had to spend in church and the feeling of living in a glass bowl because of the expectations of being a minister’s son. But today, I cherish my upbringing.

My father passed away shortly before I graduated from college. His death was devastating for me and I wanted to be far away from anything that reminded me of his absence. As soon as I had graduated from college, I moved to the United States and devoted my time and energy to starting a business.

Over the next 15 years, I worked hard in various business endeavors. During one of my most prosperous years, I re-discovered that I had the same intuitive gift my father had. I was soon devoting more time to my spiritual exploration and developed a practice of prayer, fasting and meditation. I began to attract people, who were seeking spiritual guidance, and I would share with them what I intuitively perceived about their situation.

I eventually let go of my business endeavors and made this work my full-time occupation.

Today, I am deeply grateful to say this is my work.

I can help you move beyond your struggles and see the path towards greater love, light and life.

Boundless Blessings,

Preston Maxwell

God’s blessing is ever present; receptivity is often lacking. God helps him who helps himself but he cannot enter a heart that is filled with doubt; he cannot manifest through a mind that is permeated with bitterness. There is no place for him in the life of a devotee, who is filled with negativity. Remember that! Surrender does not spare a person from suffering.



One Client’s Experience: My Seven Day Retreat “Fasting with no water?” That was my first thought when Preston told me about his seven day spiritual retreat. I had known Preston for about one year and I had spent enough time with him to deeply respect his spiritual gifts and his personal commitment to spiritual growth. …


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