Becoming a Student

Thank you for your interest in becoming a student!

I offer one-on-one coaching for those wishing to become a metaphysical practitioner as well as for those who are already in practice. Once a year, I invite all of our students together for an intensive retreat, that includes meditation, fasting, prayer, lectures and the sharing of knowledge.

Please know that taking on another student is not something I do lightly, for it takes a tremendous amount of time, resources and commitment from both the student and me.

Becoming a student requires a certain drive and commitment for transformation that leads to knowing and loving God and yourself totally and unconditionally. Simple curiosity will not be enough to sustain you through this intense, yet rewarding, process.

There is a spiritual injunction that says, “Know Thyself.” It is through knowing thyself that transformation takes place.

If my beliefs and teachings appeal to you, I would encourage you to spend time in meditation or silent prayer, asking God if becoming a student is the next step for you.

Be patient and open for an answer. If you notice any signs or receive inner guidance that this might be the right path, please contact me for more information.

From time to time, I have had someone express interest in being my student, but I have received the inner guidance that such a relationship is not right either of us.

Please know that if I decline your request to become a student, it is not a reflection of your worth, your spiritual abilities or potential. It simply means that I am not the right teacher for you.

That’s it.


Keep praying and asking God for guidance. If you are meant to work with a spiritual teacher, you will be led to the right one for you.

There is only One, in whom all that is, exists. Everything is that One. That One is God. I will unify everything in God — my family, my friends, all human relations, material possessions, and my natural environment. I will unify everything in Spirit and realize Spirit in everything.
– Paramanhansa Yogananda