My Background

My father was a Christian minister. We attended church six days a week and my father was in constant demand. People from all walks of life would come to him for spiritual guidance and he worked long hours. When I was younger, I resented the time we had to spend in church and the feeling of living in a glass bowl because of the expectations of being a minister’s son. But today, I cherish my upbringing.

My father passed away shortly before I graduated from college. His death was devastating for me and I wanted to be far away from anything that reminded me of his absence. As soon as I had graduated from college, I moved to the United States and devoted my time and energy to starting a business.

Over the next 15 years, I worked hard in various business endeavors. During one of my most prosperous years, I re-discovered that I had the same intuitive gift my father had. I was soon devoting more time to my spiritual exploration and developed a practice of prayer, fasting and meditation. I began to attract people, who were seeking spiritual guidance, and I would share with them what I intuitively perceived about their situation.

I eventually let go of my business endeavors and made this work my full-time occupation. Today, I am deeply grateful to say this is my work.

I can help you move beyond your struggles and see the path towards greater love, light and life.

Boundless Blessings,

Preston Maxwell

God’s blessing is ever present; receptivity is often lacking. God helps him who helps himself but he cannot enter a heart that is filled with doubt; he cannot manifest through a mind that is permeated with bitterness. There is no place for him in the life of a devotee, who is filled with negativity. Remember that! Surrender does not spare a person from suffering.